Sound copyBlueprint: Film Foundation don’t solely work in visual mediums, we have run workshops on audio recording and production and have produced a number of audio dramas, documentaries and podcasts over the years for schools and community organisations.

We find that working with sound can be an accessible way for teachers and other community group leaders to incorporate media into their work. The equipment required for instance can be much more affordable – editing software can even be sourced free of charge. In taking away the visual aspect, creating dramas and documentaries can be performed in smaller spaces with fewer resources too and those less technically minded have fewer gadgets and techniques to master. Blueprint: Film Foundation’s workshop leaders can show you how to work with sound to reach out to your pupils or service users.

Alternatively, we can be hired to produce audio pieces for your websites or live performances. For several years we have worked closely with Shooting Fish Theatre Company for instance, to provide sound design and voiceover elements to their productions.

Below is an example of a radio play we edited that was devised by students at Kingsway Primary School in Goole through workshops with Shooting Fish Theatre Company: