Funding body: Awards For All

Goals: To break down barriers and dispel myths surrounding immigration

We received funding from Awards For All to run a project called Fusing Worlds, which culminated in an exhibition called Identity. This combined an audio piece with photography to look into issues surrounding immigration and identity. We interviewed Lincoln residents, both British-born and those coming from other countries, to hear their opinions on the divisive topic. The photography simplified complex ideas of identity and belonging to create a piece that celebrated peoples’ similarities and their differences.

Pilgrim Fathers

Funding Body/Client: Heritage Lottery Fund

Goals: To teach the lesser known history of the early days of the Pilgrim Fathers, before they arrived in America

This was a Heritage Lottery Funded Project which resulted in a documentary learning resource on the history of the Pilgrim Fathers. The documentary tells the early story of the titular group and how they came to be. Rather than focussing on their well-documented life in the New World, it looks into what led them to flee the country they loved as well as chart their perilous efforts and determination in making such a journey. The production utilises historical re-enactment, CGI imagery and interviews with experts on the subject to tell the story of the people that would become ‘The Pilgrim Fathers’.

It was produced with the help of volunteers and local historians, who worked with community groups on the creation of the historical re-enactments. The documentary has been picked up for educational distribution by TMW Media Group. You can find out more and buy it here.

Lincoln Film Festival

Funding Body/Client: Awards For All/Lincoln Film Society

Goals: To encourage community cohesion and engagement in the arts

Blueprint helped Lincoln Film Society celebrate its 60th Anniversary by running a handful of events for its month-long 2013 film festival. Blueprint ran ‘Flix in the Stix’, which brought the cinema experience to rural villages surrounding Lincoln. We took classic films and projection equipment to village halls and schools to allow them to enjoy the festival at their doorstep.

We co-ordinated the grand finale of the festival, an outdoor screening of the classic musical Grease. Blueprint: Film Foundation’s workshop leaders made a short documentary with local children during the daytime which was shown before the feature and put up a green screen in the centre of the city to allow locals to step into the movies themselves. For the film screening a huge LED screen was hired and deck chairs set out so that Lincoln’s Corn Exchange could play host to a unique cinematic experience.

ESF Project

Funding Body/Client: European Social Fund

Goals: To help unemployed over 50 year olds develop new skills

Blueprint: Film Foundation were granted funding by the European Social Fund to run a course aimed at unemployed people aged over 50. We felt this was an underrepresented group and we wanted to run a course that would help participants learn new skills and gain renewed confidence in their abilities to help them get back into the world of work.

To do this we helped a group develop and produce their own short film, which they also starred in. A black comedy called 'Slimeball', the film was as fun to watch as it was to make. The group were clearly enthused by the project with one member even being inspired to start producing his own short films in his spare time.

First Light Movies

Funding Body/Client: First Light/The National Lottery/BFI

Goals: The empowerment and engagement of young people in the design, delivery and evaluation of film education activity, enabling them to create their own film and digital media content and tell their own stories in their own voice

Blueprint: Film Foundation ran several First Light Movies projects around Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties. These involved working with young people to give them the skills and encouragement to produce their own short films.

We ran projects with a diverse mixture of groups, from a group of younger children who were part of the Salvation Army youth club to a group of hard to reach teenagers in a deprived area of Lincoln. The different groups brought a variety of ideas and inspiration too, so the films ranged from an experimental anthology film to a zombie horror short and everything in between.

As well as teaching children and young people the skills required to make their own film, the groups all benefitted from working closely as a team on something creative and of a high professional standard. We always held premiere screenings of the films, which were a great way to make the groups proud of what they'd achieved and to share their success with friends and family as well as the greater community.

A number of the film projects were run in collaboration with Shooting Fish Theatre Company, including 'Broken Sleep', which won Best Drama at the First Light Movie Awards.

Quotes: Roger Golby - Director of 'Hustle', BBC "a brilliant short film, really mature, inventive, atmospheric and scary"

A Sawyer, Salvation Army “the film was excellent, fantastic, exceeded expectations”