Magna Carta – Radiating Signals

Funders/Client: Lincolnshire County Council & Lincolnshire Co-op

Goals: To develop knowledge and interest in local and national heritage

2015 marks the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. The founding document of our modern day democratic society.

There are only 4 remaining original documents, one of which is housed in Lincoln Castle. Lincoln has therefore been thrust into the limelight as part of the celebrations throughout 2015, and as such we’ve become heavily involved with the production of some exciting digital and creative content to help celebrate and educate the importance of the Magna Carta within Lincolnshire.

Blueprint: Film Foundation have been facilitating the ‘Radiating Signals’ project funded by Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Co-op.

The project involves 2 artists working with 10 communities across Lincolnshire on the creation of 20 flags that will be displayed on the walls of Lincoln castle throughout the official celebration event in June.

As part of the process, Blueprint: Film Foundation’s Chris Searson travelled to 5 communities in Lincolnshire to deliver creative workshops to Lincolnshire ‘Community Champions’. The workshops gave some background to the Magna Carta itself and then a facilitated discussion surrounding the themes of democracy, human rights, freedom and justice. Following this discussion the group started to talk about what made places, people and items represented their community and linked with some of the themes of Magna Carta.

With the help of Chris the groups created 2-4 rough designs for a banner, which will then be interpreted into the final designs for the flags.

At the end of the Magna Carta celebrations, the banners will return to the communities they were conceived in to stand as a lasting legacy of the project.

Edith’s War

Funding Body/Client: Goole Town Council/Shooting Fish Theatre Company

Goals: To help keep the memory of World War I alive and educate and entertain the general public

November 5, 2014 marked Blueprint’s 4th collaboration with Shooting Fish Theatre Company for Goole’s Bonfire Night. The theme of the year’s performance marked the First World War Centenary.

For the first time, Goole Town Council implemented a ticketing system for the event with no-on-the-door sales; worried this may deter some, we were ecstatic that 7,000 bonfire-enthusiasts were present.

For the event, we produced Edith’s War, an 11 minute film which chronicles a young couple’s hardship throughout the conflict, we fused filmed shadow performances with beautiful black and white illustrations from Laura Barrett, which were then partly animated.

In addition, we created an audio drama that incorporated vocal performances from children from local schools telling the story of two present day youngsters transported back in time to the destruction of Goole by zeppelins during the war.

Access to Art

Funding Body/Client: Community First

Goals: To develop media, research and planning skills with unemployed participants and create a community exhibition to raise aspirations.

Thanks to funding from Community First, we worked with a group of unemployed Lincoln residents to produce a photography exhibition which delved into Lincoln’s past as well as showcasing what the group learnt through workshops run by Blueprint. The images used in the exhibition fused their own photography with period photographs of Lincoln.

Quote: Exhibition visitor “wonderful images.”

Not Sure, Don’t Open the Door

Funding Body/Client: Cultural Solutions/Boston Police Cadets

Goals: To assist young people in creating their own film tackling the issue of rogue traders

In association with Cultural Solutions, we helped a group of young police cadets from Boston to produce a short film tackling the issue of rogue traders, it was entered into a national competition.

Quote: Client "That is amazing, looks very professional, I’m very impressed with this, the quality is exceptional, thank you, thank you, thank you"

Photo Walks

Client: Shine/Cultural Solutions

Goals: Provide a creative outlet for adults suffering from mental health issues

We ran fortnightly photography workshops with adults suffering from mental health issues at the Shine Centre in Lincoln. This included a trip to the Imperial War Museum at Duxford, to take some exciting snaps.

The project helped develop participants' self confidence as well as give them a creative and relaxing outlet for their problems.

Below is a small sample of the photos taken: