Funding Body/Client: Awards For All

Goals: To develop media and interpersonal skills as well as community cohesion

Through Awards For All funding, we helped a variety of local community groups produce a series of short ghost story films. These all tell of local legends surrounding ghosts and hauntings in the city of Lincoln.

These groups included hard to reach young people from EYS (Education Youth Services), who devised and created a short film about hauntings in the Theatre Royal. Another group from X-Church's Slumgothic youth club in Gainsborough produced a film about the various apparitions spotted on Greestone Steps.

The films will become part of an interactive treasure hunt app, where users will solve clues to find each spooky location in Lincoln and, through the magic of modern technology, when they get there, their phone/tablet will display a film telling the eerie tale of what took place in that very spot.

Quote: Mary Ward-Lowery - volunteer “We loved the films - first one genuinely a bit scary, lots of great, natural acting in the longer one. Great stuff - v proud of those who took part..”

Georgina Akim Hubble-Simpson - participant “Had a great time and the results were much slicker and more professional than I expected.”