Funding Body/Client: NE Lincolnshire Council & NE Lincolnshire Women's Aid

Goals: To increase public awareness of the difficulties faced by the children of victims of domestic violence and to provide a creative outlet for these children and young people.

We worked alongside staff and users of a women's aid shelter in NE Lincolnshire to create two films which highlighted the issues faced with children whose parents (or indeed themselves) have experienced domestic abuse.

Although systems are in place to support victims of domestic violence, little is done to help the children and young people who are psychologically scarred and have to cope with the difficulties of relocating at short notice often in high secrecy.

One film was a documentary which gave the children and young people a voice by hiding their identities through specialist lighting and voice manipulation. We also included their artwork and poetry to let them express themselves creatively in the film.

The other film was a hard-hitting drama devised by the children and young people which told a story of domestic violence from the perspective of the children of those involved.