Date: January – July 2011

Partner: Mexbrough Junior School

Funder: Creative Partnerships


Goals: To work with the school and produce 4 short films – using staff and the children, using professional film equipment, producing high quality work, culminating in a film festival to showcase the films.

Project Overview

As part of their ‘Lights, Camera, Action” theme they wanted high quality films created from start to finish by the children, under the guidance and training of Blueprint. We worked with 4 classes (year 5 and 6) and worked with them extensively in all aspects of filmmaking from script writing to editing the finished films; the work was extremely advanced and the expectations and demands where high. We brought in special effects make up artists, used green-screen and CGI and gave them a true taste of professional filmmaking. The films were of exceptional quality and everyone involved and the school were extremely proud. There was a film festival event held at The Showroom Cinema in Sheffield where the children dressed in suits and dresses, walked along a red carpet as a professional photographer took pictures of them all. The films have since played at professional film festivals, including the Cannes Film Festival.


Quote: Brendon Hayles, Assistant Headmaster “Not only was this the most exciting project the children had ever undertaken, it was also the same for the teaching staff. The children were more engaged in other subjects seeing the film as a reward, and it was inspiring for the teachers.”

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