The Blueprint: Film Foundation team are film specialists and over the years have produced an impressive number of short films and videos over for various clients, including schools and community groups, charities and cultural festivals, as well as producing their own award winning shorts and feature films.

Filmmaking is an effective tool in engaging people of all ages and backgrounds, developing their curiosity and enhancing their capacity for learning and pursuing positive choices. It is a broad activity that includes numerous opportunities to work collaboratively in teams, develop tolerance and respect by listening to peers’ ideas and opinions, gain a sense of responsibility by being delegated specific roles and show perseverance by following a creative project from initial idea right through to completion.

Through learning new practical skills including, creative writing, sound, design, camera operation, editing, performing, individuals will gain a revitalised sense of motivation and optimism about their potential and their future by being a part of an exciting activity, that engages numerous tools such as literacy, numeracy and creativity in a fun and inclusive manner.

We bring a high level of creativity and professionalism to all of our film projects, we encourage and support sharing of work on a global scale. Many of the short films we have created with school and community groups have gone on to screen at film festivals around the world, with some of them even winning prestigious awards.


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