Clee Youth Centre

Date: 2009

Goals: The youth centre had problems with difficult young people in the youth centre. which created factions. They wanted to engage them in activity to bring all the members together.


Project Overview

After an initial session meeting the group, this allowed us to get a sense of the the members were and a look at the surface issues the group have. We have a range of introductory games that are great for breaking down inhibitions and getting people to ‘create’ – simple games like Name and a Lie; everyone says their name and tells a lie about themselves; this gets them to create something, but also creates a fun atmospehere in the group; our leaders are skilled improvisors and ask questions to initiate a repsonse or further improvisation from each person; or alternatively the members who show relcutance, at bringing them out just enough to engage. Once they engage, even in the smallest way, they begin to open up.


Over the weeks we introduced more games, starting small so as not to alienate the more reluctant members in “feeling stupid” when it comes to play; and slowly asking more of the participants in how performative they need to be, and how much physical action is required ; we are also strong believers in no one can look more stupid than the workshop leaders, which creates a more safe environment for them to be brave int he games and exercises – this fear of being silly and more important looking silly, is a large barrier to over come when it comes to play and creativity, and this apraoch helps mmensely in breaking down those barriers and building their confidence and bravery.


Once these initial workshops were finished we moved into more traditionally territory – showing them films to see what was possible; improvisation and acting, slowly building up to creating their short film. As it was close to Halloween, they decided on a horror film set in their youth centre, and along with youth leaders created a short film – the youngest members and the oldest members all came together in front and behind the camera to create a film; which was the start of a long relationship making films with the youth club.


Quote: Youth Leader “This is the most exciting work I’ve ever seen in engaging young people.”

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