Blueprint: Film Foundation work with people of all ages and abilities and from all cultural and economic backgrounds, delivering film and multimedia projects for a range of different participants, audiences and clients. We can deliver one of our proven workshops and tailor it to the particular needs of your group or design a bespoke package that can meet unique desires. One of the greatest conclusions to a project is the opportunity to share work with friends, family and the greater community and, where applicable, we organise premieres and exhibitions of our participants work.

Furthermore we believe in celebrating community achievements and often manage and deliver sharing events, premieres, exhibitions and mini festivals as part of our projects. Our community projects range from working with specific groups to make short films to writing and directing original films to raise awareness about an issue or problem. In our work with communities we aim to inspire young filmmakers, use multimedia as a tool for social cohesion, provide opportunities to those who have little or no access to creative multimedia and offer isolated and minority groups a platform for their voices.

Case Studies