Blueprint: Film Foundation is developing an exciting new digital heritage project for Lincoln this summer which is being produced with the help of local residents.

Using smart phones and a free app, the treasure hunt will guide people around the city with the help of geo-tagging and cryptic clues. When the user solves the clue and makes their way to the site, the app will use their location to unlock a wealth of digital heritage content for that location including documentary films, artifacts and film reconstructions, providing an insight into Lincoln history like never before.

“An innovative and enjoyable way to learn more about Lincoln’s rich heritage”

Volunteers from Lincoln have been involved from the beginning, researching interesting stories from the city’s past. The group have plotted a heritage route through the city which will open the eyes and minds of residents and visitors alike. The app won’t focus on the history of the castle or cathedral areas which are already well covered by various organisations, but will look at a wide spread of locations which helped define the city, from St. Mary’s Church to Newport Arch.

Production of the short documentary films to accompany the app will soon begin and local volunteers will be involved at this stage too. To join the team or for more information on the project contact David Brook.

Tel: 01522 539977.


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